Leo's newest novel, Home for Sale, will be published and available on Amazon on April 5th, 2012. It can be ordered early at:

"To the Hanging Gardens," World Pub. Co., l964

"Waiting for the News," Doubleday, l969

"Waiting for the News," Wayne State Un. Press, 1990 (Reprint)

Non-fiction: "College Days in Earthquake Country," with Herbert Wilner, Random House, l971

The Medic, Algonquin, 2001

The Medic, Penguin Viking, July, 2002


Story Collection: Nobodys Baby, El Leon Literary Arts, 2005

"Lady with TV," Nugget, July, l956

"The Making of a Clerk," Midstream, l957

also appeared in the following anthologies

"The Chosen," ed. Shlomo Katz

"The Midstream Reader," ed Katz

O.Henry Award, l958

"Aid Man," Nugget, l958

"All Men Are," Partisan Review, l958

"The Solitary Life of Man," Esquire, l959

also appeared in following anthologies:

"Fiction of the Fifties," ed. Herbert Gold

"Great Jewish Short Stories, ed. Saul Bellow, Dell paperback

"Moderne Amerikaanse Verhalen," Dutch pu. P& VG

"A Single Voice," ed. Jerome Charyn

"All Those Voices," Macmillan, l97l

"Beyond Survival," Heath, l97l

"The Oath," Commentary, l969

"In Shock," Partisan Review, l967

also in following anthologies:

"Best Stories of l968," ed. Martha Foley

"Prize Stories l969," O. Henry Award

"The American Literary Anthology 2," ed. Plimpton & Ardery

"Recollections of Mom and Dad," New England Review, l981

"The Orphan," Berkeley Monthly, Dec. l984

"Mouth to Mouth," Witness, V.1, #2, Summer 1987

"Lenny Loves Jane," Zyzzyva, Vol III, No. 3, Fall 1987

"The Therapist," North American Review, 1989

"Eleventh Edition," TriQuarterly, March, 1989

"Prize Stories of 1990,"First Prize O. Henry Award

TriQuarterly 78, 1990, "Fiction of the Eighties"

"The Sporting Scene," Prairie Schooner, Winter 1991

"Asylum," Alchemy, April, 1992

"Heartless Willy," Tikkun, November, 1992

"The Irregular," Witness, 1994

"Mouth to Mouth," A Contemporary Reader for Creative Writing, Harcourt-Brace, 1994


"Visit to a Town of the Mind," NY Times Mag., April 4, l965

"A Fantasy That Paid Off," NY Times Mag, June 27, l965

"The Ronald Reagan Story; or, Tom Sawyer Enters Politics," NY Times Mag., Nov. l4, l965

"A Trip to Esalen Institute--Joy is the Prize," NY Times Mag., Dec.3l, l967

also in following anthologies:

"Best Articles of l968, ed. Gerald Walker, Crown

"America the Beautiful," ed. Lieber

"The California Dream," ed. Hale and Essen, Collier

"We needed a Revolution," Look Mag., May 27, l969

also in following anthologies:

Relevants," ed Quinn & Dolan, Free Press

"The American Experience: A Radical Reader," Harper & Row

"Beyond the Here and Now," NY Times Mag, Dec. l7, l972

"Pay Attention, Turkeys!" NY Times Mag., May 2, l976

West of the West, North Point Press, 1990

"UC Press," NY Times Book Review, June l9, l983

"Interview with Kay Boyle,"NY Times Book Review, July l5,l984

"In Memory of Herbert Wilner," San Francisco Review of Books, Oct. l98l

"Kay Boyle: Writer, Activist, Friend,"BerkeleyMonthly,Nov.1985

Introduction to Herbert Wilner's "The Quarterback Speaks to His God," Cayuse Press, 1987.

"Kay Boyle and Samuel Beckett," San Francisco Review of Books, Dec, 1990

"Wound Tender," NY Times Mag., May 7, 1995

Book Reviews:

"Hell's Angels," Hunter Thompson, NY Times Book Review, Jan. 29, l967

"Fat City," by Leonard Gardner, Aug.26, l969, NY Times Book Review

"Love and Exile," I.B. Singer, San Jose Mercury, l984

"Zuckerman Bound," Philip Roth, San Jose Mercury News, June 23, l985

"The Counterlife," Philip Roth, San Jose Mercury, Jan. 5, 1987

"Letters From the Spanish Civil War," Chicago Tribune,

July 21,1996

Leo Litwak

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